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Let’s Sew – Part 9 – Sewing around Curves

Good Morning!Now that we have you sewing straight seams it is time to take a look at curved seams.  You will want to use these on necklines, armholes etc  You basically have two types of curved seams - concave and convex - or ones that curve inwards and ones that curve outwards!!  Some people like to refer to them as valleys and hills - it doesn't … Read more



Butterfly Art Folder

I have made my 2 year old grandson a  'Thomas' playmat/bag and I intended making his twin sister a tea party playmat/bag but I have not been able to buy a suitable teaset.  So back to the drawing board for Nanny!!I decided on a pretty … Read more


Wotza Wednesday – Ribbon Storage

This week I have a question from Amy -   "Nanny what's a good way to store my ribbons?  I am so sick of them being jumbled in a mess!" Well Amy, thank you for the question and I have to tell you, I have tried a number of things over the years from … Read more


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